Heat-Soaked tempered glass standard limited warranty

MILLET warrants its Heat-Soaked Tempered glass to not break spontaneously as a result of Nickel Sulfide (NiS) inclusions at a rate exceeding 0.4% (4/1000) for a period of ten (10) years from the date of manufacture.


In the event that MILLET’s Heat Soaked Tempered glass does break in excess of the 0.4% rate as a result of a verifiable NiS inclusion, MILLET will replace the broken Heat Soaked Tempered glass without charge, FOB nearest shipping point to the place of installation and pay for the costs of reasonable market replacement labor (not to exceed 5 times the original “finished unit” selling price). MILLET will not be responsible for any other expenses or costs, including, but not limited to, incidental, indirect, special, or consequential damages. In no event shall MILLET’s liability exceed the replacement costs, including reasonable labor, of the glass. The warranty of the replacement glass will be limited to the remainder of the warranty period of the original Heat-Soaked Tempered glass. 

MILLET expressly assumes no responsibility for, and MILLET’s Heat Soaked Tempered Glass Warranty does not cover, glass breakage not attributable to NiS inclusion beyond 0.4%; or the following: product failure due to improper usage; product failure due to improper handling, loading, unloading or storage; incompatibility with other glazing or installation materials, including but not limited to, coatings, sealants, gaskets, setting blocks, lubricants, insulation or any other materials; faulty installation or building construction; damage caused by water not attributable to the MILLET product; failure to adhere to the Glass Association of North America Glazing Manual instructions regarding installation and/or maintenance of the unit, including written proof of routine maintenance (consult Glass Association of North America Glazing Manual); improper design; errors in provided specifications; scratches or abrasions to the product; abnormal weather conditions; or damage caused by cleaners, solvents, acids, alkalies or any other chemicals used on or around the product. MILLET reserves the right to inspect, in the field, any MILLET product that is alleged to be defective.

The purchaser’s exclusive remedy is limited to the legal remedies described in MILLET’s Heat-Soaked Tempered Glass Warranty. MILLET will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages of any kind. MILLET’s Heat-Soaked Tempered Glass Warranty will be void in the event that full payment is not received for goods and services within the agreed upon terms of sale. MILLET MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTY, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, REGARDING THE PRODUCT, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. MILLET’s Heat-Soaked Tempered Glass Warranty may only be modified upon written approval of MILLET’s President or Vice President(s).

Notice of a claim under MILLET’s Heat-Soaked Tempered Glass Warranty must be provided to MILLET in writing within 90 days of discovery of the facts giving rise to the claim and should be directed to:

MILLET International Sales Department

Km. 10 Carretera Federal Mérida- Motul

C.P. 97345m Conkal, Yucatán, México

Toll free: 1 866 6645538

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